We released today the version 1.4.0 of Banner Effect for Windows and Mac OSX.

It is a major new release with a lot of new features and improvements:

New skin and some UI changes

The default skin has been changed and is much more sober. We also removed the "object toolbar" on the bottom and put the icon on the standard toolbar.

New "free trajectory" effect

Free trajectory

We added a new start/end/animation effect to be able to move any object where you want following a free trajectory.

New Backgrounds tab

Background tab
The background tab has been entirely reworked and offer now a lot of predefined templates.

New Borders tab

Border tab
We added a brand new border tab that allow you to pick up the border you like in a list of predefined templates or create your own.

New Button object

Button creator
We added a button generator. Create cute buttons in a few clicks.

And more!

Check the detailed list of changes here:

  • Banner edition: Object outside of the banner are now visible and usable.
  • New effect: New free trajectory start/end/anim effect.
  • Toolbar: Slight changes in the toolbar: Add text/images icons are now on the main toolbar and not anymore on the bottom.
  • Skin: A new sober skin "White" is available, it is used by default.
  • Skin: "Old School" skin is not available anymore.
  • New Logo: Logo/Splashscreen/Icons have changed.
  • Backgrounds: Reworked completely backgrounds tab. Now some predefined template are listed and you can edit or modify the selected one.
  • Borders: Added a new tab for borders. A lot of editable border templates are now available
  • Transparent banners: Removed transparent banner general settings and added an opacity settings for backgrounds
  • .net framework: Banner Effect now uses .net framework 4.0 to avoid unneccessary download on Windows 8 and later.
  • Buttons: Added a new type of objects: buttons with a button creator and a dedicated editor.
  • Anim Effect: Added 4 new anim effects.
  • Mac: Speed optimizations.

Trial, and full editions have been updated and are available for all registered customers (using "Product Updates" page).