3 Ways to Enhance Text in Your Banner Ad Design

It’s not so difficult for many to write some text on a banner ad. You need to write the headline, which includes your banner ad’s subject. You might be selling a product or making the announcement of an event. Whatever your ad’s purpose is, the headline must convey it in a proper way. Then you insert an image and add a CTA button. With this, you might think that you’ve done everything perfect.

Well, if you create your banner ad in this way, it’ll definitely fail to convert. Emotional messages are far more effective when compared to promotional messages in marketing. It is, therefore, essential that you craft a highly effective copy for the banner ad. This is truly an art that’s more than just writing headlines and texts.

1. Readable text

Value proposition is among the most essential elements in banner advertising. It’s all about how you’re presenting the offer to your potential customers. Let’s say you wrote something on the banner and you’d love the audience to read it. Not only read it but also click on it.

It will be a waste of efforts if you use fonts that your target audience is not able to read properly. What you’ve written will then matter less. This is why it is always advisable to use simple and readable fonts. They help your target audience understand the message that the banner is trying to convey.

2. Contrasting color

In many banner ads, you’ll see a careful use of colors. It’s important to use the right colors for your banner ads. The use of contrasting colors is highly effective in making an impact. For example, the use of white color on backgrounds that are blue, black, orange, or green.

Only then can you expect an aesthetic response to the color combinations. You can also take the example of companies that use contrast color in their banner ads. Some have two or three different colors used in the banner.

Some colors have the ability to enhance the text written on them. The condition is that the text must be of a contrasting color. You can also use a color effectively in the CTA button. This makes the button more noticeable and drives people to click on it.

3. Utilization of space

Sometimes, you might feel that there’s something else you can do to make the text more readable. Utilizing the space around text on the banner can be a good idea. You must avoid overcrowding the banner ad with a lot of content. Always remember that there’s only a limited space is available for text. There must also be a high-quality image and a CTA button along with it.

There are bloggers who create insane amounts of content every day. Some of them have great ideas about content marketing and search engine optimization. In fact, you can learn a lot about marketing by reading their blogs. They also use banner ads on their personal blogs to convert their audience. Most of the times they put simple banner ads that are easier to read.

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