The Types and Styles of Banners You Must Know

Today, you can easily have a banner created for your business without spending a fortune. It’s one of the many benefits that the digital age has brought for businesses worldwide. Banners have always been the most simple and highly effective advertising tool. There are many different styles of banners. They attract the attention of the target audience to your event or business.

There’s less maintenance involved in banners when compared to other forms of signs. Installing them can save you a lot of costs. There might be several variations in the styles and shapes of banners. You might’ve also come across a few of them at times. Now, let’s try to understand the different types and styles of banners.

What exactly is a banner?

In the past, a banner was mostly a long strip of textile. It carried some kind of a sign on it. The examples would be army banners and country flags. Representing an organization or a government was the purpose behind creating them. Banners are loose and meant to flow. This provides them with greater flexibility over the traditional forms of signage.

Different styles of banners

You can primarily describe banners as a material made out of cloth. They’ve been in use for years. One can utilize more materials now due to the recent technological advancements. Such materials would change the durability, pliability, color, and other aspects of the banner.

Before making the choice of materials for creating banners, you must know how you plan to use them. Here are the different types of banners:

1. Polyvinyl Banners

They are one of the most popular options for banners. Polyvinyl or PVC is a material that’s highly versatile. It’s colorful, highly durable, and you can use it outdoors as well as indoors. When compared to many of the older styles, such as the 90s vinyl applique, PVC banners are quite reasonable.

Most of the vinyl banners weigh around 13 ounces. However, this range can be anywhere between 8 to 22 ounces per square foot. It helps in giving a little more wind resistance to banners. You can also choose between the varying degree of smoothness and matte finishes for image enhancement.

Some organizations would prefer a matte finish. This is because they probably don’t want the image to appear cartoonish or give out a plastic-like feel. If you plan on placing the banner outside, a glossy finish would be ideal. Dirt and grim have no effect on it as they don’t stick well to its surface.

2. Fabric Banners

This type of banner comprises of polyester fabric. Banners using either poly satin or poly knit materials have greater durability outdoors. Despite this fact, you’ll commonly find most of them indoors. The sublimated printing process allows color that lasts longer than vinyl printing.

The process of pressure application in sublimation enhances the durability of color. In order to gather the ink, the cells of the material expand. It fuses with the polyester mix. Poly satin or poly knit banners are effective if you wish to print full color photographs on your banner.

3. Mesh Banners

These banners are semi-transparent in nature and seen mostly in construction sites. You’ll often find them in such places, as they show the boundary between pedestrian and work zones. Mesh banners are a great choice for places with high-speed winds, such as beaches or lakesides.

Styles of banners

Now, we’ll go through the different styles of banners you can create for your business or event. You can use them for several other purposes as well. Here are the different styles of banners:

1. Retractable banners

Also known as roll-ups or pull-ups, retractable banners are eye-catching and double-sided banners. Those who conduct events or want to have retail signage can use these banners. They’re often almost 6 foot tall and come in various widths. You can change the widths of retractable banners according to your needs. There are certain limitations, of course.

You can easily collapse and transport retractable banners from place to place. The pull-ups are extremely useful if you want immediate setup. One weakness about these banners you must know is that they cannot be wider than 5 feet across.

2. Step and repeat banners

These banners are quite subtle in what they promote. Step and repeat banners are also ideal for covering a certain amount of space for press meetings or presentations. You can choose the size of these banners according to the goals of your project. Usually, they would fill a space with your logo or brand name.

You can display a selected image over and over again, but you must not allow it to become too distracting. Step and repeat banners are excellent for promoting your service or organization during seminars, talks, presentations, and other events.

3. Styles of hanging banners

You can hang banners using rods and cables above an audience. It enhances its visibility and impact. There’s some effort involved in the installation of such banners. Nevertheless, it grabs the crowd’s attention effortlessly as it suspends above the audience present at the venue. Hanging banners are ideal for grand opening ceremonies, festivals, parties, announcements and fairs.

The classic look and feel of hanging banners make a lasting impression. An added benefit is that you can move away from the rectangular banner used traditionally. You can also have the hanging banners cut into the desired shapes.

4. Pop-up booth display banners

Pop-up display banners are similar to pull-up banners in many ways. Mostly made of fabric, they don’t follow the usual banner designs. The goal of these banners remain the same. Pop-ups generally extend across an entire plot. If you have a large project, you can choose a pop-up display banner.

They’re dimensional and have a sturdier structure. Pop-up booth display banners can have much larger sizing. Although the installation takes time, it would be a wonderful choice for arts and crafts shows.

With a broader selection in shapes, sizes, materials, and glosses, banners are here to stay. In many ways, they’re making a comeback as a cost-effective means of making a statement. They’re eye-catching and can grab the attention of people quite naturally. You may have many questions about banners and how they can be the right choice for your business.

You might also have some questions with regards to the type of banner that’s ideal for you. It’s always a good idea to get in touch with the banner makers to get all your doubts clarified. They’ll also guide you through the process of installing the desired banner.

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