6 Tips for an Effective Banner Ad Design

The online traffic to your website can get a big boost with banner ads. You might wonder how to create such a web banner ad design. To help you in this process, we’ve presented all the information you need in this article. Considered one of the most effective forms of online marketing, a web banner design comes in varying sizes and shapes. It’s all about creating banner ads that are most ‘clickable’.

They often showcase a product or brand and provides a link to the site of the advertiser. Banner ads embed some attractive images on the website’s pages. They make an effective medium for raising brand awareness as they’re measurable, affordable, and effective. Here are a few tips that can help you in creating an effective banner ad design:

1. Place your banner ads in a correct manner

You can purchase some space on a website that’ll feature your design. It’s necessary to place them above the fold, close to the page’s main content.

2. Focus on maintaining hierarchy

Along with placing the ad, there must be a right balance within it. This is one of the greatest factors that banner ad design relies on. The purpose of designing every banner ad is to increase brand awareness among the target audience and drive traffic to your site. You must always include your company’s logo if your intention is to create brand awareness.

While doing this, you must ensure that it’s dominant visually. At the same time, it must not be as dominant as the call to action or value proposition. The value proposition is instrumental in showcasing your product or service. It attracts the audience with special prices and offers. The phrases ‘60% off’, ‘high quality’, or ‘limited period offer’ are the examples.

It must occupy most of the space in your banner ad. This ensures that the viewers see the value proposition first. The banner design includes a call to action or CTA in the form of a text or button. It invites users to click on the link. Generally they’re in the form of phrases like ‘Learn More’ or ‘Watch Now’.

3. Keep it simple

You must always maintain simplicity in your visuals and content. Viewers would only look at the banner ad on your website for a second or two.

4. Utilize the buttons appropriately

Buttons often increase the CTR or ‘click-through rate’ of your ad. This depends greatly on the type of banner you’ve used. It would be extremely useful if you place the buttons after your copy. They must be on the lower right side in contrasting colors. Focus on maintaining their consistency throughout the set of ads. This is one of the best tips for banner design.

5. Use a clearly defined frame

The eyes of people naturally turn more towards a subject placed inside a frame. The most effective banner ad designs have a clearly defined frame. Such frames have graphics extended to the box’s edges. Let’s say you’ve used a white shade for your ad. It’s a common practice in banner ad design to put a 1-pixel gray border around ads in white color.

6. Create text that’s instantly readable

There must be a difference in the headline of your ad and its body copy. The entire copy must be of less than four lines. Avoid using cursive fonts and extremely thin fonts. You must also avoid making the entire copy uppercase. The sizes of font must not be smaller than 10 pt. unless it’s a copyright notice or a disclaimer.

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